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Welcome to River Bottom Crafts!
  Here you will find lots of different things with one thing in common.  They are all made from recycled willow branches and twigs.  I hope you find something that will speak to your heart for a gift for someone special or for yourself and your home.  Thanks for looking.

Please contact me for shipping charges.  I only bill actual charges to your zip code.  I will send a
Palpal invoice when your order is ready to ship.  I really appreciate your business.

These little reindeer are so special.  I love making them.  They come in all sizes and are from 12" tall including
horns up to 36" tall.  The legs and neck and head are put together using dowel screws to save on shipping and on storage.  You will be able to screw them together with your hands so no tools required.  Please contact me for combined shipping and quantity discounts.  Thanks for looking!!  

Sizes and Prices

These owls were created for my daughter who collects them.  I have found that she is not alone in her love of the wisest of feathered creatures.  My owls come in three sizes, small, medium and large.




Prices and Sizes

Willow Candleholders compliment any decor.  I make them in small (3.5"), medium (4.5") and large (5.5"). Use any contained tealight candle in your choice of color and scent.  I send these with vanilla scented, almond colored tealights. 

Prices and Sizes

These willow napkin rings are made from the same willow as the candleholders sold above.  They are a rustic, country addition to your table setting.  Sold in multiples of four to a set.  For large quantities please call for a discount.
Each set of four is $12.00

I offer several styles of twig photo frames.  Twigs are so perfect for making frames.  Twig frames are pictured here is several styles for you to choose from.  They are priced by size (5X7 - 8X10 - 11X14) and you get to choose the style you like best.  You will see some of the twigs are a green color as they are coming from the river.  Gradually, over time, they will turn a dark amber brown.  If you have a custom size that you would like a quote on, I would be happy to help you. The frames are sent without glass to assure their safe arrival.

Prices and Sizes

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